VinylBug record cleaning machine


If you are into vinyl like we are, then you know how important clean records are. Clean vinyl enhances your listening experience and extends the longevity of your stylus.

Most collectors agree that a vacuum system that allows dirt an debris to sucked up and out of the record grooves is the most effective method. However almost all vacuum based systems are large and can cost as much as a high end turntable.

But the VinylBug record cleaning machine is different. Our system has been designed to be high quality, easy to use,and affordable.

What makes VinylBug special? VinylBug’s cleaning arm includes our exclusive microfiber system that protects your valuable vinyl. It uses soft microfiber instead of cheap glued-on velvet strips or rough hook / loop fastener material found in other systems. The microfiber is easily cleaned and quickly replaced as often as you like. Did we mention our ball bearing spindle? Or the threaded record clamp that holds your delicate vinyl safely and securely? Our clamp and platter system touches the record only by it’s label. This eliminates clean record surfaces from touching a dirty platter. The surfaces are foam padded to help seal out cleaning fluids that could damage your labels. Vacuum flow is adjustable via an airflow valve on the bottom of the unit.

How does VinylBug work? By using the power of a small wet / dry vac (not included), dirt and debris is sucked up and out of your records grooves.


You can purchase VinylBug products through our Etsy store!