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Replacement Platter Foams now available in our shop!

You may never need to replace the foam pads on your VinylBug’s platter or record clamp, but just in case, we have a set of replacements for you. If your’s ever becomes damaged, follow the steps below for a quick replacement. Please be safe with your tools, we don’t want to cut yourself!

How To Use:
1. Use a thin metal scraper or knife, and separate the foam from the plastic base.
2. Clean off any left over foam with your metal scraper, being careful not to damage the plastic.
3. Heat in NOT recommended, as it can damage and warp the plastic platter.
4. Use a spray adhesive safe for foams, and spray the back of the foam. (we use and recommend 3M super 77)
5. Slightly bend the foam as you place it down over the threaded spindle.
6. Use light and even pressure to flatten as needed. 

Happy Cleaning! No records left behind!

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