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How to Install Fabric on the Cleaning Arm

A few users have requested more information about how to replace the fabric on the cleaning arm. Specifically the thicker microfiber.

Below is a short video clip demonstrating how I typically hold the fabric and arm, while inserting the rubber clamp.

The small wings on the clamp that push the fabric down are only slightly shorter in length than the channel. So it is important to fully seat the the clamp before attempting to close it. Below is the above video in words, as best as I can describe.

  1. Holding the arm in one hand, wrap the fabric around into position where you want it.
  2. With your other hand, take the black locking plate and fully seat it by pushing it in and slide it down until it stops against the channel. Seating fully to one end is important so that it fits once you get to the other end.
  3. Work your way to the other end keeping the fabric tight, and centered.
  4. Once you get to the other side, it should snap in. It might take some force.
  5. If it’s not fitting, it’s possible there is too much fabric bunched up there.  (trim the fabric shorter if needed)

As I mentioned before, seating the rubber clamp all the way to one side is especially important with the ticker fabrics like microfiber. The thinner fabrics like our white cleaning mesh doesn’t seem to cause as many problems.