Below are some of the most common questions we receive regarding the VinylBug:

Q: What kind of wet / dry vac should I use?

A: Most small wet dry vacuums will work well for you as long as they are in the 1hp to 1.5hp range and have a 1 1/4″ hose attachment. Anything with a higher peak hp will not increase the effectiveness of the VinylBug. Tested models include:

ShopVac Micro

Stanley 1.5hp

Q: Where can I get more Microfiber?

A: While we do offer replacement packs in our Etsy Store , If you want to cut your own replacement microfiber, the best microfiber we have found is the following:

Buff Microfiber

Q: What kind of cleaning fluid do you recommend?

A: Any record cleaning fluid designed for vinyl will work. However be very careful if you are cleaning shellac 78’s. Cleaning fluids with alcohol can damage the shellac records. We recommend a distilled water rinse for a final step, to remove any cleaning residue. Some popular options for cleaning fluid include:Groovewasher G2 fluid

Home Made Recipe:

In a 32 oz sprayer add 2 oz of isopropyl alcohol (90%+) and 4 drops of a chemical grade surfactant (Tergitol 15-S-7 or Triton X-100. Tergitol is recommended by the Library of Congress for archival purposes. But X-100 has similar properties and is a bit easier to get.) Shake well, then fill remaining volume with distilled water. (option: add 1 drop of a Quaternary Disinfectant (Hepastat256 or Zep DZ-7) for anti-static properties)- Alcohol will damage shellac records, so be sure to not use it when cleaning those 78’s!
Distilled Water for rinsing.A high purity steam distilled water is great as a second step for rinsing you records using a second arm and our drying mesh!

Q: Any helpful links to other resources?

Link to Library of Congress
Link to NEDCC instructions

Q: What kinds of brushes should I use for stubbon dirt?

A. Small painters pad ( Various sizes available in the paint section at home improvement stores.)

B. Soft bristle paintbrush ( Natural fiber brushes work well and are relatively inexpensive )

C. VinylBug SoloTM  This handle has user replaceable microfiber on its cleaning surface. It can be used wet or dry on its own or in combination with the VinylBug system.

Q: I lost my instruction manual. How can I get another copy?

Download it here! VB instructions V150

Q: I need Help Installing the fabric on my cleaning arm!

Here is a video we created to show how to install microfiber onto the arm using the locking plate.