VinylBug Record Cleaning Products Can Be Purchased Through our Etsy Store!

VinylBug – the vacuum powered vinyl record cleaning machine

Most collectors agree that a vacuum system that allows dirt an debris to sucked up and out of the record grooves is the most effective method. However almost all vacuum based systems are large and can cost as much as a high end turntable.

But the VinylBug RCM (record cleaning machine) is different. Our system has been designed to be high quality, easy to use, and affordable.

Starting at only $119.99!


VinylBug Accesories:

We also offer accessories in our store including:

  • Replacement Fabric Mesh
  • Optional microfiber pads
  • Additional Cleaning arms
  • An Arm holder that holds two cleaning arms for easy reach


Vinyl Bug Solo Cleaning Brush

We also offer a handheld cleaning brush that can be used alone or with the VinylBug RCM. It features:

  • Replaceable Microfiber that you can cut yourself at home, or purchase replacements from us.
  • Can be used for Touch Ups with record cleaning fluid before you play.


45 adapter wall holder

Other Vinyl Related Products!

We offer other vinyl related products including:

  • Novelty 45 Adapters
  • 45 Adapter Wall / Table Holders
  • Soundburger Replacement Parts
  • and more!